We’re the total wellness package

We start with vitamins, but we don’t stop there

With us, you do more than create a custom pack of vitamins. You build a data-driven wellness strategy backed by scientific experts to guide you on your path to becoming your best self.

Personalized Vitamins

Personalized vitamin packs

Using our advanced algorithm, we’ll help identify nutritional gaps and find you vitamins that can help optimize specific health areas, so you can perform at your best.*

Wellness & Nutrition Tracker

A free custom lifestyle profile

We’ll show you an in-depth picture of your health, covering over 100 wellness parameters, plus personalized lifestyle recommendations to guide your improvement.

Wellness Guide

Expertly designed wellness plans

Think of our wellness plans as your virtual personal trainer and nutritionist. Each one offers guidance on what to eat and how to exercise to help you reach your wellness objectives.

The algorithm that makes it all possible

Our advanced algorithm is a virtual, health optimization solution, perfected over 6 years of research at the University of Miami. It’s backed by numerous peer-reviewed medical articles and test data from thousands of individuals, including professional athletes and Olympic athletes.

Your unique responses are computed and analyzed against the optimal values for your age and gender. From there, it details nearly 100 distinct personal health values to give you the most personalized recommendations possible.

A wellness plan designed by you, with our help

Meet Extramel

Meet Extramel, the youth concentrate

What it is

Extramel is a natural ingredient derived from rare French melons with an exceptionally long shelf life. The product of over 10 years of research, its remarkable antioxidant properties help reduce oxidative stresses.*

How it works

When your body undergoes mental and physical stress (from alcohol, pollution, UV rays, etc.), it releases cell-damaging free radicals. Extramel works primarily by fighting free radicals and inhibiting oxidative stress.

Its benefits*

In studies, people who took Extramel regularly for a period of 4–12 weeks observed:

  • • Reduced perceived stress
  • • Improved sleep quality
  • • Help managing daily physical fatigue
  • • Better overall health (supported by lowered stress and fatigue levels)

Complete wellness others can’t match

We give you more health for your buck. Every subscription comes with a free custom lifestyle profile, free shipping† and access to expert-designed wellness plans.

‡ References: Carillon et al. 2014 Nutrients. Milesi et al. 2009 Nutr. J. Taavoni et al. 2015, J Midlife Health Sato et al. 2010, J Clin. Biochem. Nutr Wang et al. 2004, J Pharmacol Exp Ther Feuerstein et al. 1987, Pain Davis et al. 1982 Biochem biophys res
†On orders over $30.