Heart Health



Omega-3s are important building blocks for supporting heart, brain, and eye health.*

  • May reduce the risk of coronary heart disease*
  • Has twice as much Omega-3s as standard fish oil alone
  • Made from a special combination with 500mg of high concentration fish oil and high absorption krill oil
  • Guaranteed for purity, freshness and labeled potency
Bonus Benefit:
Heartthrob also supports joint comfort and provides important building blocks for brain and eye health.*

General Health

You Complete Me

(19 vitamins and minerals)

Waves of vitamins and minerals bridge nutrient deficiencies to aid your general health.*

  • Nutrients help fill nutritional gaps in a typical diet*
  • Vitamin A, C, and E, plus zinc provide support for a healthy immune system*
  • B vitamins help convert proteins, carbs, and fats into energy and support daily metabolic & energy needs*
  • Promotes strong bone health*
  • Helps support structural eye health*

Healthy Aging


(SOD-B Extramel)

Feeling younger starts on the inside. This powerful supplement’s antioxidant properties help reduce the effects of oxidative stress.*

  • Reduces perceived stress*
  • May aid sleep quality*
  • Help managing daily physical fatigue*
Bonus Benefit:
May reduce perceived stress and aid sleep quality*

Joint Health

Bust a Move

(Calcium Fructoborate)

Calcium fructoborate puts your cartilage first, letting you move more comfortably.*

  • Aids comfortable movement with continued use*§
  • Delivers faster comfort than Glucosamine & Chondroitin*§
  • Provides long-term joint support*§
  • Clinically proven to support two markers of cartilage & joint health||
  • Gluten, dairy, and preservative-free
  • Made with ComfortMax, a mineral complex originally discovered in plants

Hair, Skin, & Nails

Hey Good Lookin

(Biotin, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate, Selenomethionine)

Beauty building blocks combine to help you look marvelous!

  • Support healthy hair, skin, & nails*
  • Vitamins A and C, Zinc, and Selenium aid antioxidant activity*
  • Assists collagen production*
  • Key nutrients help support a healthy appearance*

Brain Health

Spark of Genius

(Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Resveratrol)

Taking supplements like Gingko and Resveratrol is a wise way to support your smartest organ’s health.*

  • Supports a variety of brain health areas*
  • Gingko may help improve memory*


Power Trip

(Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Green Tea Leaf Extract)

Eight different vitamins, minerals, and green tea leaf extract help turn food into energy, making you an unstoppable force of greatness.

  • B Vitamins help support energy needs*
  • Supports general energy levels & focus*

Brainiac Plan

Build your brain power with a team of brain-boosting superfoods and workouts to help make your smartest organ even smarter.

  • Enhances your wellbeing
  • May help support healthy brain function
  • Offers protection against age-related memory loss


Protect & Serve


Your immune system could benefit from some backup. CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant that can support the immune system.

  • May help support a healthy immune system*
  • Supports cellular energy production to fuel your body*
  • Acts as an antioxidant*
Bonus Benefit:
  • Helps support general heart health*

Endurance Plan

Targeted nutrition and workouts promote oxygen flow to help your body last longer through even the toughest training.

  • Supports improvements to your heart and lung health
  • Enhances your ability to use oxygen efficiently
  • Increases your energy and overall vitality