Health Programs Free

Endurance Plan - Free

Targeted nutrition and workouts promote oxygen flow to help your body last longer through even the toughest training.

Bonus Benefit:
  • Lower physiological and psychological stress
  • Improve oxygen capacity for heart and lung health
  • Heighten antioxidants levels to combat aging
  • Decrease levels of body inflammation
  • Increase energy levels and overall vitality

Function Plan - Free

A curated diet and flexible workouts help take achy bones and joints and stiff muscles from frail to fluid and functional.

Bonus Benefit:
  • Improve mobility and fluidity of movement
  • Feel less “frail”
  • Reduce joint pain and stiffness
  • Preserve muscle mass and bone density

Resilience Plan - Free

Snap out of that slump with nutritional, exercise, and behavioral strategies that optimize “happy hormone” flow and lift your mood.

  • Increase your sense of well-being and vitality
  • Renew your state of optimism and happiness
  • Decrease anxiety and irritability
  • Improve overall mood
  • Elevate your physiological and emotional health

Power Plan - Free

Make your muscles do more for you, with strengthening workouts that increase your power and foods that build lean, toned muscle.

  • Improve movement, speed, and power
  • Preserve lean muscle mass
  • Stimulate hormone changes that promote youthfulness, increase energy, and enhance performance

Metabolic Plan - Free

Specialized workouts and metabolism-boosting foods will give you energy to do the things you want while burning fat.

  • Improve your metabolism and burn more fat & calories
  • Lower your total body weight and BMI
  • Reduce body fat percentage and look leaner

Gut Support Plan - Free

Replenish healthy gut bacteria with optimized nutrition guidance and light workouts that strengthen the barrier around your intestines.

  • Improve body composition and weight regulation
  • Boost your mood and feel better overall
  • Reduce perceived levels of physical stress

Growth Plan - Free

Muscle up and increase lean body mass with a diet and exercise program that gets you the most gains for the least pain.

  • Build more muscle and lean body mass
  • Increase your activity level
  • Reduce the risk of future frailty and bone weakness
  • Improve your overall body image

Brainiac Plan - Free

Build your brain power with a team of brain-boosting superfoods and workouts to help make your smartest organ even smarter.

  • Increase your ability to focus on tasks
  • Experience less “brain-fog”
  • Protect against memory loss and boost recall
  • Enhance your emotional wellbeing
  • Improve how well you regulate your appetite
  • Increase your ability to cope with stressful situations