Your immune system and vitamins

Your immune system is your body’s protector. Its specialized forces are designed to make sure you’re defended. While you can’t quite point to the exact location of your immune system, there are parts of your body that work day and night to keep you feeling your best.*

For the love of lymph 

The lymphatic system is the superhighway of your immune system. It’s made up of various organs like the lymph nodes, spleen, and tonsils, and helps your body fight infection.1 Lymph is a clear liquid that passes through tissues in your body, delivering the elements your immune system needs to do its job. White blood cells (WBCs), vitamins, and even vaccines ride through the lymphatic system to get to the areas where they’re needed most.2

WBCs lead the fight 

WBCs are essential to your immune system. There are two different types of WBCs: phagocytes and lymphocytes.3 Phagocytes move through your blood and tissue to absorb pathogens and germs. Lymphocytes carry antibodies which fight the antigens (toxins) pathogens spread.4

Vitamin C is key 

A great way to help support your immune system is to provide your body with immune supporting vitamins. Vitamin C is probably the most well-known immune system supporter. Because your body doesn’t make or store vitamin C, it’s important to make sure you eat foods rich in vitamin C or take a daily immunity supplement.5 

A helping hand from Vitamins B6 & E  

Vitamin C may get the spotlight, but there are other vitamins that help support your immune health. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E for example, also have properties that help out your immune system. You can find these in many healthy whole foods, like leafy green vegetables, but you can also get your recommended daily value from a supplement.5  

Taking care of your immune system 

Even when you’re feeling fine, it’s important to remember that your immune system still needs support. Taking an immune support supplement, like You Complete Me, can help put your immune system in a better position to do what it does best.*

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